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Getting married in Vegas!

First of all congratulations!  If you’re reading this you’re probably looking forward to getting married soon in Fabulous Las Vegas! Well over 200,000 weddings are performed here every year!!! Here are a few simple things for you to know in order to make your experience smooth and stress-free…

First of all you need to purchase a marriage license from the Clark County marriage license bureau located at Clark and third Street in Downtown Las Vegas. This is a very quick and easy procedure. You may pre-register for your license by going online and entering your information prior to your visit, this will allow you to use the faster pre-registered line at the license bureau when you go to pick up your license. Every couple getting married in Las Vegas must go together to the marriage license bureau to purchase their license. You will need one form of ID with picture in order to pick up your license…passport, drivers license etc. are all acceptable forms of identification. With that license you’re able to be married by a legal minister licensed and registered with the City of Las Vegas anywhere in the State of Nevada. There are no exceptions to this rule, so if you would like a family member or favorite priest or minister to marry you, they will have to get registered prior to your visit here. However I do provide a service that will allow any Un-licensed person to marry you, provided that I fill out your paperwork and actually witness you and your spouse consenting to marry. In addition one witness has to be present at the time of your consent in order to make the marriage legal in the State of Nevada.

A marriage license issued in the State of Nevada is recognized in all English speaking countries of the world as long as you show your certified copy of your license, which you will order online 10 days after your ceremony. Other countries may require what is called an Apostile which is a further certification issued by the State solemnizing the validity of your marriage in other non-English-speaking countries of the world. This may be ordered and purchased online once you have your certified copy of your license, or it can be expedited while you are here in Las Vegas by paying the expedited license fees. This will allow you to leave with either your certified copy of your license or your Apostile, depending on your specific needs.                                                 I

Know I included a lot of information here so there would be no questions as to how to go about purchasing your license. Getting married in Las Vegas is literally easier than getting married anywhere else in the world!!  In fact that is one of the reasons that Las Vegas grew so quickly from a small railroad water stop on the way from Los Angeles California to Salt Lake City Utah… By making the marriage laws so easy to comply with visitors from nearby California, Arizona, and Utah traveled to Las Vegas to get married without the need for a blood test for other regulations required around the country. With the combination of legal gambling and prostitution  Las Vegas quickly grew to a hotspot of adult fun and frivolity !!! If you have any further questions about your wedding plans please feel free to contact me directly or through this website.  I am here to answer any questions in order to make your wedding day fun and memorable and all about the two of you!!!

How to choose my Las Vegas wedding minister

There is no doubt about it that Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world and with over 200,000 wedding is taking place in or around Las Vegas each year there is no shortage of wedding chapels and venues to choose from not to mention the literally hundreds of wedding ministers in Las Vegas, One of the questions I am constantly asked is how do I choose the right wedding minister for my Vegas wedding?

Well there are certainly some important things to do to narrow down the search for your wedding minister, firstly once you have selected what type of wedding you want and the chapel or area that you wish to be married in, check out which ministers have done weddings there and have videos so that you are able to see them in action. Be careful not to watch too many videos as it becomes very easy to get what we call wedding blindness, before we get emails and texts no it is not a real thing just something that happens when you watch a video after video of weddings you become immune from the points that you are looking to clarify. Anyway back to the search for you with the minister, once you have seen some videos of the minister next important thing to do is check out the various review websites to get feedback on what are the bride and groom’s have had to say, as let’s face it there can be no better way of firming up your trust in that your minister than plenty of very good reviews about them from brides and grooms that have already used them for their wedding in Las Vegas.

As your wedding will no doubt be one of the most enjoyable days of your life it should be obvious that you want a happy and caring minister to officiate at your wedding, what amazes us however is the number of brides and grooms that get married in Las Vegas that do not even meet the minister until a few minutes before their wedding. One of the most important tips we can give is to arrange to meet your Minister for a few minutes the day or two before your wedding so that you are able to build some sort of rapport and get to know your wedding minister a bit better.

At this point I think it’s only fair that we establish that you are currently reading a blog on one of the longest serving and most famous wedding ministers in Las Vegas, Mr Roland August. Rowland is one of the few unique wedding ministers in Las Vegas that not only officiates at weddings all over Las Vegas but also is considered as one of the number one Elvis wedding ministers in Las Vegas, this puts Roland in a unique position to offer all brides and grooms The choice of having either a traditional, beautifully romantic personal wedding or for those brides and grooms wanting something a bit more up beat but equally special Roland and is able to offer the ultimate Elvis wedding experience, indeed as you will see from one of his videos he was the chosen Elvis wedding minister in Las Vegas to appear on the Katy Perry video.

Whatever type of wedding you decide to have in Las Vegas do a little bit of research, ensure they have a beautiful website and that you feel you would be happy for them to marry you at your wedding, we hope to see you soon in Las Vegas and who knows maybe Roland will be marrying you at one of your chosen venues in Las Vegas.

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