End of Crazy Hot Season

Las Vegas crazy hot season coming to an end?

Well for all of you that have been to Vegas in the three crazy hot months of June July and August you will know what we mean and how much all us local Las Vegas look forward to the start of September.

The temperature in Las Vegas for the last three months hasn’t dropped below 100° during the day and hasn’t even dropped below 85° at night, so yes hopefully you will agree with me when we say these are the hot crazy months, now with that said it’s also the summer season for major parts of the US and Europe and I have seen a massive increase in the number of weddings this year regardless of how hot it has been.

desert-las-vegas-weddingsA note to my European friends and family and especially to the Roland August Fanclub based in Germany, you are all crazy and we love you so much as it is totally irrelevant how hot it is you still party like you just don’t care lol.
This season has seen an increase in both UK weddings and Spanish brides and grooms wanting to get married in Las Vegas, you’ve simply got to love the Brits no matter how many times I’ve advised not to get married outside between 1pm – 4pm you simply don’t care and have the best time ever even though it is amazingly hot.

The good news for all brides and grooms coming to Las Vegas in September October and November is that the weather is just perfect, in fact my favourite month in the whole year is October as the weather is just perfect at around 85° with little or no wind Andy is just a great time to get married especially down at one of my favourite places like Las Vegas.

Also as you may or may not know I am the leading minister at the viva Las Vegas chapel so anyone wanting to come down and get married at one of the most famous chapels on the strip and have your names up on one of the lit boards give me a call or email me and will fit your right in.

For anyone Reading this and wanting to know the best time of the year to get married in Las Vegas i’ll break it down into quarters for you;

January to March
Although most people don’t know it yet she gets pretty cold here in January and February and has even been known to snow on occasion, so outside weddings can be a little bit fresh but obviously perfect for chapel weddings.

April to June
Absolutely fantastic time to get married in Las Vegas, outside weddings run all the way up to the end of May beginning of June at any time and should you wish to get married outside mid May or June we recommend later on in the afternoon early evening just so it’s cooled down a little

July to September
As I said this is the crazy hot season with temperatures regularly going into the 110° mark so outside weddings although we are happy to do them be prepared that it will be extremely hot, however as you would expect all the chapels that I operate in and in fact most of the chapels on this trip I will fully air-conditioned as are the limousines to bring you there.

October to December
October is my favourite month for the weather in Las Vegas as well as weddings as any time is a good time to be married whether it’s inside or outside, The same can be said for November and just to note it can get a little chilly it late afternoon and evening is in December.

I hope to see you at some point in the near future in Las Vegas and who knows maybe I’ll be marrying you in the most famous wedding city in the world Las Vegas.

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