Couple flies to Las Vegas to marry on first date

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — When you look at videos and pictures of Sarah Elliott and Paul Edwards’ wedding, you’d never guess this was the same day they met.

“Everything was normal,” Roland August said. “When I met them, I didn’t realize they met that morning for the first time.”

August has officiated more than 10,000 Las Vegas weddings. He’s known as the ‘Mobile Minister.’ He married Sarah and Paul, and despite having done so many weddings, he said this one absolutely stood out.

“There was just a comfort level, like they had known each other before,” he said. “I’m standing here looking at them radiating this energy of acceptance and unconditional love.”

Sarah and Paul met on the dating app ‘Bumble’ on Dec. 15. A week later, they spoke on the phone for the first time. A day after that, they decided to get married.

On Christmas Eve, the couple met for the first time face to face at Gatswick Airport. That’s where Paul popped the question.

“They flew from the UK to Las Vegas, in their wedding attire,” August said laughing.

When they touched down in Las Vegas, they made their way to the Bellagio where they said ‘I do.’

“People started gathering around because I said, ‘This is their first date, and they’re getting married,” August said. “Everyone came over so we had about 30 people standing around and clapping. Their first kiss was when they said ‘I do.'”

August knows many people might be skeptical of Paul and Sarah’s wedding, but he said you had to be there to experience what he did.

“She said the coolest thing. She said, ‘We’ve both been married before so this time we thought we’d start with the commitment and go from there,'” August said. “It was Christmas Eve and they were just talking about what a Christmas miracle it was.”

August says he’s seen his fair share of questionable weddings, but this wasn’t one of them. He said they were comfortable, like they had known each other forever. He said they were in sync and the way they looked at each other was pure.

“It was the greatest Christmas present I could have got being with them,” August said. “It was just unconditional love. Boom. End of Story.”

Originally posted on Fox5 News

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